Great reading with Joe. He is absolutely the real thing! Very gifted.

I felt so empowered when I left his room.


Loved my reading with Joe.

I learned so much from his insight and I used the wisdom to make a difference in my life and to get answers to questions and worries I had about myself and my partner.


Joe was able to present me with the facts and change and improve my feelings in an amazing way, just by him meditating on my name.

I could see solutions to all my concerns and was able to move forward with my life.

Thanks Joe.


As soon as I stepped into Joe's office for my reading session, I was aware of powerful and beautiful energy around me. There was a real warmth in the room.

I was amazed by how accurate the reading was... I am really looking forward to my next reading.


When you have your reading with Joe-Antoine you will be amazed! He is so accurate and he answered all my questions using the tarot cards and the pendulum as well as all the other information he gave me.

I loved his angelic meditation and messages.


Great reading session with Joe. I was blown away by the information he gave me and by how spot on it was.

The whole time he didn't ask me any questions about my life.

What a wonderful experience.


I've been having readings with Joe-Antoine for more than 20 years. He has helped me to find the answers needed in my love life, in my business and even in making decisions like which house I should buy.

Really looking forward to my next visit.


Thanks so much Joe for seeing me for a reading. It is one of the best I have ever had. It seemed like you really knew me and the situation in my life, in the past and now.

I will definitely see you again.


 Having a reading with Joe is more like having a psychic counselling session. He helped me understand why things happened the way they had in my past and the direction I was going towards in my future, then how to modify it.



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