About Joe-Antoine

  • Born in France in 1960, Joe's abilities have been with him since birth.

    From a very young age, Joe was seeing departed beings and people's auras ( that he used to call white ghosts) as well as spiritual beings helping us from the other side, such as guides, helpers and more impressively, angels and their energies.

    Joe used to talk to trees and plants, or to be more exact, the energies and beings around them. Joe would be told information about people and animals he would come across, as well as things yet to happen.

    He would often have out of body experiences, most of them would involve some lessons regarding angelic teachings and wisdom.
  • Joe recalls one day at an infant's school in a Parisian suburb, a man, "a special guest", standing on a small wooden platform giving a talk of some sort to the children sitting there at an assembly.

    Joe couldn't believe how huge his aura (white ghost) was, and turned to the child next to him and said, "Look how big this man's white ghost light is!" (it was about 3 metres)....

    The child looked back at Joe and replied, "What are you talking about? THERE IS NOTHING THERE!!" Joe got frightened, very frightened.

    Then a gentle yet strong voice said to him, "Don't say anything more, I will explain later."
  • It was following this early episode in Joe's youth that he discovered that not everybody could see, hear and know things like he could.

    Joe had problems dealing with his gifts, and they certainly did not seem like 'gifts' to him in those days.

    Coming from a strong Christian background, Joe was told by priests who he would share his experiences with of sending confused departed beings, (ghosts) to the light, that it was against religion and other times that it was the Devil's work.

    Knowing very well that what he was experiencing was full of light, good, loving and so preciously beautiful, Joe started looking for more than religion to explain what he was experiencing.
  • He found deep spirituality, universal love and divine knowledge upon his path and during so many adventures helping so many people along the way using his unique blend of gifts including clairvoyance, Angelic medium ship and psychic help and healing.

    Joe has been used as a psychic during military service for the French army and has also been used by the Australian police force to help solve different crimes, "unofficially" of course.

    Joe has given readings and psychic assistance to quite a few celebrities and socialites.

    Of course confidentiality between Joe and his clients is of the utmost importance.
  • Joe visited the United States shortly following the 9/11 tragedy and gave readings to many who were grieving at that time.

    He did the same following the Bali bombing in 2002, helping people to deal with their grieving process through readings and psychic help.

    Another example of how Joe works was when he told so many of his clients not to invest in stock and real estate, to the point where he felt like a broken record, repeating the same warnings to so many. He didn't know how accurate he was.

    In fact, he was predicting the 2008 global market crash. Joe didn't make a general prediction.
  • He likes to make his predictions purely for the individual who has a session with him.

    Joe believes that we are all affected differently by the same event so the predictions should be adjusted to the person having the reading, so that he or she may be advised and helped so much more effectively to deal with the information given.

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