Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do people have a psychic reading? +

    A psychic reading is normally done in order to assist you with your life issues. A good psychic understands your situation and helps you to find the very best way forward despite the confusion of your everyday life and mind.

  • How often should I see a Psychic / Clairvoyant? +

    The answer is when there is a need. Joe-Antoine has heard so many weird beliefs, from never on a full moon to not if you are taking certain vitamins. Yet the fact and truth is simple. When a person is not sure regarding their future or their situation or when they have questions yet no answers, then a psychic/ clairvoyant like Joe can help to clarify and enlighten the best possible path.

  • How do you define a good psychic reading? +

    A good psychic reading provides hope and inspiration, accurate insight with practical advice, highlights your gifts and abilities and understands the nature of your free will and power and helps you to change your future for yourself. It clarifies and heals, and leaves you with a sense of empowerment and reassurance about what you might need to do or change within your life.

  • What psychic techniques does Joe-Antoine use in his readings? +

    Joe's psychic reading techniques can include: Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Aura readings, Tarot or other card readings as well as photo and flower readings but most of all overhead (no tools) readings and receiving angelic visions through meditations and rituals.

  • Is my future set in stone? +

    Your future isn’t set in stone because we all have free will to tread our path by way of life. A psychic’s role is to use their insight to see the potential future based upon your present situation and behaviour, and to guide you and assist you to address your difficulties and thereby make much better decisions to bring about a brighter future. Please use common sense and sound judgement when taking advice. A psychic reading is subjective and any actions taken by you the client are solely your choice and your responsibility.

  • Do you help people to change their life situations? +

    Yes, through strong clairvoyant readings, Angelic healing and Angelic magick solutions.

  • Is using Angelic magick to bring about solutions safe? +

    Yes, in the hands of an expert and /or professional who uses Angelic magick, therefore ensuring that good energy only is sent to help you and your situation.

  • Is there protection in the room when Joe-Antoine does the reading session? +

    Joe sees clients only when the office is protected by 'Angelic energies'. That is why NO departed loved ones can come through into the room yet Angelic energies can tell Joe if the departed loved ones are well and/ or happy where ever they might be.

  • How does Joe do telephone / skype readings without the person being present? +

    Psychic intuition is not bound by space or time. Intuition knows that, on a deeper level, all individuals and all things are usually connected. Intuition recognises that there is no wall or distance between you and any understanding crucial to you.

    As long as Joe-Antoine can meditate on your name or he can hear your voice, he can be with you, as close as if you were in the room in front of him.

  • If Joe-Antoine sees something bad in my future, will he tell me? +

    A good psychic will tell you how to possibly avoid negative events in your future. Joe says the so-called " bad life experiences" can be blessings in disguise. They can serve as a wakeup- call to correct your life and return you to a state of balance, freeing you from stuck or restricting situations so that you can pursue paths of greater fulfilment and happiness. There is therefore 'only good news' or, as Joe says, "Every cloud has a silver lining."

  • Could I remember a past life or lives during my reading? +

    Joe uses hypnosis to help people to recall their past lives.

  • Are psychics and mediums the same or is there a difference? +

    A psychic is a general term to describe quite a few types of readers. A psychic could be a clairvoyant, in addition to clairsentient and clairaudient. A psychic medium is simply a psychic who has focused his or her psychic perception and intuition to connect with spirits and loved ones in other dimensions.

  • How can freedom of choice change the accuracy of my reading? +

    Accuracy is really necessary in a psychic reading, yet in your life total freedom of choice is everything. A psychic sees the patterns at work within your life and how and when they're likely to manifest at certain times, if your current momentum remains unchanged then accuracy becomes critical and your future becomes fixed, but this is not the case unless you set your life on an unalterable course. Your free will is powerful and can change the accuracy of your preset path shown in your reading. After the psychic reading you are free to follow the guidance as you please. Should you change your momentum, or ignore the advice given or simply choose a distinctive path, then energies will shift, causing changes in outcomes and events, predicted at an earlier time.

  • What is Psychometry? +

    This is really a form of psychic divination, by means of holding an object that belongs to somebody, including a piece of jewellery or something that belonged to them. The object absorbs energies from the person over time. Joe can sense data from these energies which can give powerful insights into the person's past, present and future. Joe particularly likes people to pick a flower or a leaf and asks them to hold it for 5 minutes before seeing him for their reading.

  • Why do some psychics promote themselves as 99% accurate? +

    Let's be honest, most people would like to go and see a psychic who said they have been 99% accurate, yet psychic accuracy and insight cannot be measured in percentages. Accuracy has to also reflect the psychic's ability to provide insights that you may apply in a practical manner. Why an event is happening is as necessary to know as whether it will take place, so you will be able to make changes to prevent it, or prepare for it. Joe-Antoine says that when you fully grasp why something is happening then you may begin to make the changes required. Accuracy should point therefore, to what needs attention inside your life.

  • Once made, does a prediction always come true? +

    Lots of predictions may need for us to act in order to be realised. Predictions can be changed by modifying our actions yet some predictions will come to pass whether you do anything or not. A good psychic will be a person who can tell you which one applies to your situation.

  • What is meant by a Clairvoyant reading? +

    A clairvoyant reading has much the same meaning as a psychic reading. Some readers call themselves clairvoyants meaning that they practice clairvoyance. The word clairvoyance comes from the French language with 'clair' meaning clear and 'voyance' meaning visibility, typically meaning 'clear seeing '. It is the ability to gain details about an individual, place or an event without use of the regular five senses. A clairvoyant uses their sixth sense.

  • How can I get the best from a Psychic reading? +

    Asking good and clear questions and understanding also what to expect by way of an answer will help you to get the very best from a psychic reading. Your future is not set in stone, you have the free will to change it. What a great psychic reading can do is give you a clear view and guidance which you will be able to use to move forward in your life with much more wisdom, peace of mind and confidence.

  • What’s the difference between Intuition and psychic capacity? +

    Psychic capability is the refined use of intuition. It's far more clear and focused. Psychic insight demands you to concentrate your intuition without the distractions of everyday living and everyday thoughts. You have got to train yourself to tune out this everyday noise and interference, in order to hear your special inner voice. This facility works like a fine instrument. It requires practice, dedication and training.

  • Can I help the psychic to be accurate in any way? +

    Get pleasure from the conversation, remain open minded, be friendly and develop a rapport between you and the psychic. Respond and answer so that the psychic knows that they have correctly tuned into you but don't be coy or dishonest about what's happening in your life. It's the psychic's job to pick up the facts about your situation and provide guidance. If you are unsure about something that's being said then feel free to ask questions or interject.

  • How would you describe a Psychic reading? +

    A Psychic reading is a spiritual method to assist you to gain insight into your life and your potential future. Psychic readings usually consist of clairvoyance – which literally indicates clear seeing but in this context refers to obtaining facts about you and your path by what psychics call their sixth sense.

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