Spiritual Healing

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Joe doesn't charge for doing his spiritual psychic healing.

Joe has been helping people in regards to healing for a very long time.

He noticed when going to houses to remove entities and negativities, that some people who were living in those houses at the time and seemed to be suffering from certain aches, pains and conditions reported improved health, "spiritually, emotionally and somehow physically".

Quite a lot of people who have seen Joe for a session in his office in Kellyville also reported improved health. Some have come back quite a few times and confessed that feeling so good was an added bonus to Joe-Antoine's very accurate reading sessions.

Joe explains this as being a natural process following the meditation and protection he does for the clients before doing a psychic and clairvoyant session with them.

Joe also explains that the human electromagnetic field (our second body) aura, that surrounds our physical body (first body), is affected by the higher source of light that Joe connects to in order to give his clients the very best readings that he can.

This is why people love coming to see Joe in person even though he says, "The clients get all the goodness attached to his reading even when having a reading by distance".

Joe only charges a fee for the time he spends doing a clairvoyant or psychic session with you.

The wonderful feelings and healing you receive are for you to take and keep for free.