• Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a good and positive experience as well as a strong and accurate reading session?
    Joe is a strong clairvoyant, psychic medium who has over 20 years experience. You will find Joe in the Hills district of Sydney, in Kellyville near Castle Hill, helping people from all over Sydney, other cities and states, as well as other countries either in person or by Skype (internet) or by telephone.

  •  Expect to enjoy a beautiful, warm experience as Joe channels Angelic love and power to give you a strong and accurate psychic reading.

    He'll find positive outcomes and solutions to your situation or questions.

  • You'll discover Joe-Antoine also uses Angelic energy forces to help you create the life you need and want through Magick Solutions.

    Joe believes that every situation is meant to take you towards a better life experience or as the saying goes, "Every cloud has a silver lining."

  •  He will find out what positive steps your events are taking you towards.

    Joe will tell you in a gentle way what is happening around you as well as why events are developing the way they are in your life.

    Joe can help you change and heal your future as well as heal and change yourself.

  • Would you like to know about your love life, how to get love back, how to attract love or find out what might be standing in the way of you attracting the love and life that you want and deserve?

    Maybe you need to mend a hurting heart ?

    Joe has been helping people deal with many such questions as well as other types of psychic concerns for over 20 years.

  • Joe helps people every day to improve themselves and their situation by combining his psychic and clairvoyant abilities with strong counselling.

    Do you want good strong clairvoyant/ psychic answers to your questions?  

    Then consider calling Joe-Antoine at Magick Solutions.

  • Joe-Antoine can also help you find powerful answers regarding your career, home, family and health concerns. For example, Joe could give you a lot of information about a person just by looking at their photo or a business card. Joe also teaches and uses Angelic Science (Angel Magick) and as he says...

    “The first thing a magician changes is him or her self.”

  • Joe helps you to change yourself and to greatly improve your life skills.

    The result according to many people who have seen Joe for help and wisdom is, “GREAT! Even Amazing!”

    Some people have said that it’s a miracle how Joe can change your life from “bad” to wonderful so quickly.

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